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Why You Should Buy Used Things as Much as Possible

Buying used is better for your wallet...

Most you can pay less than half of what you would pay for something new if you buy it used instead. That’s over 50% of your income saved but you still get the same item you wanted! I think that amount of savings is worth dealing with the fact that someone owned the item before you did.

Buying used is better for the planet...

We're getting better, but still have a lot of work to do. When you buy something used, you're taking away a sale of a brand-new item from a store. The less a company sells of something, the less they will end up manufacturing. That's how we can help the planet by buying used.

We've forgotten how to fix things...

It's a bit ironic that we don’t know how to fix things when everything is being made much cheaper and breaks a lot more often. You can make things last so much longer if you just put a little time into them.

You can be more creative when you buy used...

A lot of times, you’ll be able to find higher quality pieces for cheaper than the lower-quality items you will find at the retail stores.

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