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How Consignment Works


  • What kind of items do you consign?
    Home Again prides itself on offering a variety of fun, useful and quirky (vintage, rustic, antique, industrial, primitive, etc) items. The very best way to get a feel for the type of items we consign is to stop in our store and take a look around. In general, we consign, children's clothing, adult clothing, jewelry, shoes, handbags, accessories, home décor, household items, furniture, antiques, linens and more. We look for items in high demand, with lots of life left in them and clean!
  • Do I need an appointment before bringing in items?
    YES!! We schedule our drop off appointments Tuesday through Saturday every week except on holidays. Call the store to schedule an appointment to bring items in! (269) 649-1944
  • When do you accept furniture?
    Please call to schedule an appointment to bring in furniture. We also prefer you text, email or Facebook message us a picture so that we can pre-screen your items. Just ask for our email or an employee contact number. (269) 217-3279 (Evie's personal number FOR PICTURES ONLY)
  • How long is the consignment period/contract?
    We consign furniture for 6 months (180 days) and ALL OTHER ITEMS for 3 months (90 days). After the consignment period items are "expired." Expired items (that are not claimed) no longer receive a consignment split. All monies on these sales go directly to the store.
  • What happens to my items at the end of the consignment period/contract?
    At the end of the consignment period (3 months/6 months) items are "expired". We clearance expired items in the hope that they move out the door! Eventually, we are forced to remove them from the computer system and donate them. EXPIRED ITEMS THAT ARE SOLD RECEIVE NO CONSIGNMENT SPLIT. Consignors are always welcome to collect unsold items before they expire if they choose.
  • Can I pick up my unsold items if I choose?
    YES. Anytime after 30 days you can pick up your unsold items. But, it is imperative that you collect them before they expire! Once an item expires, it is either sold (with no consignment split) or donated, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the items are still available. Items that are picked up prior to 30 days are subject to a $20 fee per item.
  • Who do you donate to?
    Goodwill, Salvation Army, Valley Thrift Store, animal shelters, a local boys’ home and to the homeless in our surrounding area.
  • How much money will I make on consigned items?
    All consignments are a 50/50 split (after the buyer's fee.)
  • Are there items that you don’t consign?
    Yes, experience has taught that there are some items that just don't sell well. For example porcelain dolls, collectible sports cards, stamp collections, collectors plates, vintage clothing, maternity clothing, uniforms and/or scrubs, wedding dresses and formal dress atttire. This is a partial list.
  • I want to collect my unsold items...How do I know when they are expiring (contract is ending)?
    The very best way to track your items is to make sure that you provide us an email that you check regularly, We will email you a list of your consigned items when we price them. The date they were priced is your contract start date. 90 days after that date (180 days for furniture) is your expiration date. Pick up your items on that day or sooner. We DO NOT notify you of expiring/expired items. If you lose track or forget, call the store and we can help with pick up dates.
  • I do NOT want to collect my unsold items at the end of the contract, do I have to?"
    No, you do not have to collect unsold/expired items.
  • When may I collect money due to me?
    Money due to you may be collected at any time in our store, during business hours. You may also call and request a check be sent via mail.
  • What is the most helpful thing I can do when bringing in items?
    Beyond a doubt having your items ORGANIZED and CLEAN is a must. If items have even a hint of smoke smell or are not clean we will refuse them. Our customers demand clean items and a clean store!
  • Do you have shoplifters?
    As in any retail establishment we do encounter shoplifting. We employ the help of numerous cameras and use specific tactics in prevention. Each consignor is responsible for insuring his/her items against theft. We do NOT reimburse for stolen items.
  • How many items may I bring in when I drop off?
    You can bring one small sized tote of clothing and up to four totes of non-clothing items. Large items that do not fit in a tote may be in addition to the above allowances. Remember, preapproval on furniture items is recommended.
  • How do I bring items in for consideration?
    Call to schedule an appointment. We like items brought in CLEAN plastic totes, baskets or boxes. NO GARBAGE BAGS and no clothing on hangers. Any items we choose to accept will be transferred to our totes or carts so your containers will be going home with you. Bulky items (art work, shelves, etc. ) may be brought in loosely. We have a back door entrance for your convience that may be used to bring in your consignment drop offs.
  • Is there a minimum amount of time I have to leave my items?
    Yes, 30 days. Items collected prior to 30 days on the sales’ floor will incur a $20 per item fee.
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