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  1. ACCOUNT FEE: There is an annual consignor account fee of $10.  This amount will be deducted from your consignor account at your first appointment of each year.

  2. CONSIGNMENT PERIOD:  Furniture is consigned for 180 days.  All other items are consigned for 90 days.  After this amount of time, unclaimed items are considered “expired” and are either marked down for quick sale or are donated. NO consignment split is given on expired items when they sell.

  3. CONSIGNMENT SPLIT:  Sold items receive a 50/50 split.  Home Again attaches a  small buyer’s fee (paid for by the customer at time of sale) to each item.  This fee IS NOT split with the consignor.  

  4. DISCOUNTED TAGS/SALES:  Most items are discounted by 20% at 30 days and 40% at 60 days. We also have sales at times that affect the selling price. 

  5. MONEY DUE:  You may stop in during regular business hours to collect your account money.  We will also mail a check to you upon request.  Money on account NEVER expires.

  6. MINIMUM CONSIGNMENT PERIOD:  Once items are left for consignment they must remain in store until priced and on the sales’ floor for a minimum of 30 days.  Retrieving items before they have been on the floor for the 30 days will result in a $20 per item fee.  After the initial 30 days items may be retrieved at any time. 

  7. HOLIDAY ITEMS:  Holiday items (Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, etc) have an abbreviated consignment period.  ALL HOLIDAY ITEMS EXPIRE 10 DAYS AFTER THE HOLIDAY.

  8. COMMUNICATION:  We use email to communicate important account information. It is the consignor’s responsibility to keep this updated and check often for communication.

  9. ONLINE SALES:  On occasion we may determine that selling a consigned item online will net a better sale price. Any fees charged to Home Again by these selling platforms is deducted from the sale price before the consignment split.  

  10. HOLD HARMLESS: In addition to the above items the consignor agrees to hold harmless Home Again Consignments, LLC for loss of any kind, including employee or customer handling, fire and theft. It is the consignor’s responsibility to insure his/her items against loss if desired.  No compensation is given for stolen, lost or damaged items.  

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